Puppy & Dog Training

What’s involved





Sniff, Discover, Indicate

These sessions will help you create a Pawsome scent detecting dog.


  • Tap into your dog’s natural ability
  • Train in an enriched environment
  • Designed for pet dog’s and their human’s
  • Suitable for dog’s of all ages; puppies, adults and seniors
  • Feel relaxed in the knowledge that training occurs with no direct interaction with other dogs
  • Teach a passive indication
  • There is no criteria to have done any of our previous classes, any dog can attend
  • Training is at your dog’s own pace
  • Cost per dog and handler
  • Develop a PAWSOME scent detecting dog

    Evening Sessions: These two hour sessions are limited to 3 dogs and their handlers. Each dogs works individually, providing the perfect opportunity for handlers to observe and learn from others and ensuring dogs get downtime between searches.

    Please note: On weekend courses, 1 hour is allocated to ensure your dog has sufficient time to be exercised and toileted. There is a riverside walk within the immediate vicinity.

    For anyone travelling a distance, the Tees Barrage has a nice caravan site and there are lots of pet friendly accommodation within a 10-minute drive

    A critical part of this course is observing other owners working their dogs.

    We will be working one dog at a time, so your dog will need to be comfortable resting in your vehicle.


    Please email me for further information, session dates, times and, availability.

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