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One to One Training

My one-to-one sessions allow you to focus on specific training concerns and enable me to tailor a training plan to suit your individual requirements. There are various options for you to choose from.

So, what’s included?

Online and In Person Sessions:
  • There is no difficult technology needed to do a virtual/online appointment. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet with a webcam and an internet connection, and you are ready to go!
  • I use Zoom because it is easy to access and use, as well as being secure.
  • LIVE sessions mean I will be there with you in your home, watching your dog, interactions, the layout of your home. Just as I would if I came to visit you.
  • Your dog will be relaxed and comfortable.
  • In person sessions take place at your home or Preston Park (Stockton on Tees) providing the opportunity to experience other dogs, people and a wide range of distractions and environmental training.

    Start on the Right Paw

    The puppy zoom (50 minutes) provides a unique opportunity to master house training, avoid play biting issues and teach your puppy to cope when separate and left, giving your puppy the best start in life. This online session can be booked before you even bring your puppy home and there is no need to wait for vaccinations to be completed. This session must be booked in conjunction with any practical puppy session.

    Puppy training (50 minutes) provides the chance to demonstrate your puppy sitting, understand first commands and master down and stand. Be amazed at how clever your puppy is with frustration exercises, ensure you have the correct grooming equipment and practice loose lead walking.

    Puppies at the Park (50 minutes) is the perfect opportunity to gain your confidence and experience your puppy going off lead.

    Puppy Socialisation (40 minutes) is all about appropriate canine engagement. Learn about what is good engagement and when to step in. These are group sessions and dates are announced on the business Facebook page.

    For older puppies and adolescents starting with the Well Mannered Dog zoom is the perfect option, as this online session provides the perfect opportunity to understand what to expect before, during and beyond adolescence. This online session also includes using rewards effectively, understanding how dogs learn, and more. This session must be booked in conjunction with any practical session.

    Each in-person practical session starts with how to successfully gain your dog’s attention, before working on, developing and improving walking on a loose lead or coming when called.



    • Puppy Zoom: 50 minutes: £55.00
    • Perfect Puppy: Puppy zoom & Puppy Training 110 minutes: £100.00
    • Puppy Life Skills: Puppy zoom, training & at the park 150 minutes: £145.00
    • Well Mannered Dog Zoom 50 minutes: £55.00
    • Walking on a Loose Lead Practical Session 50 minutes: £50.00
    • Coming when Called Practical Session 50 minutes: £50.00
    • Junior Dog Life Skills: WMD Zoom, recall & lead walking. 150 minutes: £145.00
    • Practice Makes Pawfect – for all ages (follow-up session) 50 minutes: £45.00

    Please note the above prices do not include travel expenses.

    • Puppy Socialisation Session 40 minutes: £10.00 (group session)
    • Junior Dog Socialisation Session 40 minutes: £10.00 (group session)

    To book or request further information please email: carrie.evans@btconnect.com

    Telling me all about your dog, your expectations and your dogs behaviour

    Cancellations and Refunds

    1. All cancellations must be notified in writing to, and acknowledged by, the Office to receive a refund.
    2. Refunds of any course fees paid will be made as follows:
    • Eight weeks or more from Event / Course / Appointment = full refund
    • Less than eight weeks from Event/ Course / Appointment = no refund
    • Partial refunds for missed classes are not given and we are unable to provide additional sessions however we will endeavour to ensure you will catch up at your next session.
    1. Booked places cannot be given/sold to any person without prior discussion or consent from Cleveland Clever Canines
    2. NO refunds will be made for One-to-One training sessions.
    3. Course fees are not transferable.
    4. An administration fee is charged on all refunds.

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