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What’s involved





Choice is Important

Making sure it’s right for you and your puppy?


Choosing the right sessions for you and your puppy is important. I offer various options to provide greater flexibility. Obviously, the choice is yours and will depend on your lifestyle and personal preference.



All my sessions are all about teaching and training the humans, after all it’s the humans who need the training. My aim is to help you understand your puppy, increase your confidence and appreciate how clever your puppy actually is.  There is also plenty of opportunity for puppies to socialise appropriately.

Each starts with a ZOOM session in the comfort of your own home. Relax with your puppy or dog whilst getting to grips, learning, understanding, and appreciating all those typical puppy or adolescent concerns and problems you may have.

Puppy Sessions

Especially designed for puppies during their rapid learning stage of three to sixteen weeks of age.

My puppy sessions have been developed with an emphasis on owner understanding and preventing common behaviour problems, such as mouthing or play biting and toilet training.

Helping you to understand acceptable and unacceptable puppy behaviour, providing your puppy with choices, as well as learning how to manage their behaviour to ensure your puppy integrates smoothly into your family and lifestyle.

I strongly believe in the benefits of early socialisation, so are happy for puppies to join only having had their first vaccination.

Well Mannered Dog

My Well Mannered Dog is a natural progression, designed for older puppies & junior dogs reaching and going through adolescence and beyond, with a focus on the training challenges presented at this stage in a dog’s life.


  • Using rewards effectively
  • Understanding how dogs learn
  • Training aids  – what is right for my dog
  • Gaining your dog’s attention
  • Dog Engagement: what is and what is not acceptable
  • Loose lead walking: starting on the right paw
  • Walking off lead in safe places
  • Four paws on floor – greeting humans
  • Coming when called with and without distractions
  • Canine manners – doorways and taking treats politely
  • Understanding Frustration Threshold and how to manage it effectively

What do owner’s say?


“It was a huge disappointment COVID-19 arriving and curtailing puppy class but you found ever-changing ways with video calls, videos showing us what to do, giving us ‘homework’ videos for us to post to the group so you never felt you were alone muddling through, since lockdown has been eased we’re sending Jaffa to doggy day care once a week which has helped in her socialisation with other dogs which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on her as she grows.”
Stephen with Jaffa

“Carrie is an excellent trainer; she makes sure the ‘parents’ know that our puppy’s bad behaviour is our fault so we daren’t not practise. We have learnt so much and where we were going wrong. During COVID Carrie kept in touch with training sessions via Facebook and zoom and was always there with a helpful reply when emailed for help. The other ‘parents’ also helped with tips having had similar problems with their puppies. I would recommend Carrie without a doubt.”
Dawn with Tia

“We cannot begin to thank Carrie enough for all her help! The classes have been so informative and taught us so much on what we should be doing with Cooper and Pippa! When COVID hit we were a bit worried about having 2 pups and knowing what would be the best way to train them but Carrie provided so much online content on training, in addition to other problems that could arise from the lockdown such as separation anxiety. We recommend Carrie and her classes to anyone with a puppy! Thank you.”
Victoria & Matthew with Pippa & Cooper

“We had just started Well Mannered dog when we went into lock down & thought that was it my mental dog would stay mental! So, it was a really lovely surprise that Carrie moved the classes online. In a way it was better as we have done so much more training with her than we ever did with our first 2 lovely dogs and we are really feeling the benefit. The tips we have picked up have allowed me to work from home undisturbed by a very well-behaved dog, enjoy walks without being dragged all over & most importantly I understand my dog better. Thank you.”
Jacqui & Piper

“We cannot fault all the support and advice we have received over the past 4 months. We were booked on both courses Let’s Get Ready and Well Mannered Dog but due to COVID the ‘in person sessions’ could not happen. Fortunately for us, the arrival of Zoom/ Facebook live sessions meant we still able to learn some very useful tips and continue to train our dogs whilst we had more time from home. We can’t thank Carrie enough for always being available, even just to point us in the right direction, especially with moving back to normal life after lock down. We have already been recommending the training to ‘parents’ of new puppies. Thanks again for everything.”
Jon, Barbara and Elsie

To ensure the safety of dogs in class and that behaviour problems are not increased, dogs that are not confident and friendly with people or other dogs are not allowed to come to a class. It is very important that dogs who are afraid or who react to other dogs or people do not attend classes. If in doubt whether or not your dog should come to class, please ask. 

To book or request further information, dates and availability please email: carrie.evans@btconnect.com

Telling me all about your dog, your expectations and your dogs behaviour

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. All cancellations must be notified in writing to, and acknowledged by, the Office to receive a refund.
  2. Refunds of any course fees paid will be made as follows:
  • Eight weeks or more from Event / Course / Appointment = full refund
  • Less than eight weeks from Event/ Course / Appointment = no refund
  • Partial refunds for missed classes are not given and we are unable to provide additional sessions however we will endeavour to ensure you will catch up at your next session.
  1. Booked places cannot be given/sold to any person without prior discussion or consent from Cleveland Clever Canines
  2. NO refunds will be made for One-to-One training sessions.
  3. Course fees are not transferable.
  4. An administration fee is charged on all refunds.

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