Understanding Behaviour

Have you ever wondered what your dog is feeling or saying?
Then this is the course for you!
Learn about Canine Body Language and Vocal Expression.
Bite Size modules, this course is aimed at pet owners and pet professionals alike.
Benefits for owners in understanding dog body language:

Understand your own dog in a way that others simply don’t.

  • Improve the bond and relationship with your dog.
  • Learn to predict your dog’s behaviour.
  • Reduce stress for your dog in all situations.
  • Avoid threats to your own dog when out walking.

Benefits for professionals and students of behaviour and training:

  • Learn the subtle secrets of canine body language.
  • Up-skill and update your behavioural knowledge.
  • Keep yourself safe around unknown dogs.
  • Effectively assess an individual dog’s needs.
  • Make the link between your ‘gut instinct’ and your head when reading dogs.

The course itself is divided up into easy-to-follow Bite Size modules:
1. Canine Language
2. Canine Coping Strategies
3. Individual Case Studies

Module 1: Canine Language
Recognise Canine Body Language & Facial Expression.
Understand Canine Vocalisation.

Module 2: Canine Coping Strategies
What are Canine Coping Strategies?
What makes a dog choose one strategy over another?
Understand Stress Signals in dogs.
What are Displacement and avoidance behaviours and why do dogs use them?

Module 3: Case Studies
There are 18 lessons to this Module! (Each charged separately)
Never seen before footage! Don’t miss it!
Each lesson will look at 3-4 different dogs.

It is a requirement of each student attending Module 1 and Module 2 to submit a 2-3-minute video of their dog, for each module.

Monday Modules - 6.30pm – 9pm

Module One - Monday 11th September
Module Two - Monday 2nd October
Module Three, Lesson 1 - Monday 31st October

Saturday Modules – 9.30am – 12 noon

Module One - Saturday 9th September
Module Two - Saturday 30th September
Module Three, Lesson 1 - Saturday 28th October

Dates for further Module 3 lessons and 2018 Module 1 and Module 2 to be released in November. Please note you must book for Saturday or Monday, the two cannot be mixed.

Other End of the Lead – Living with a Reactive Dog

  • Reactive is a term often used to describe dogs that overreact to certain stimuli.
  • The dog’s reaction to these stimuli may vary from a growl to uncontrollable barking and lunging.
  • Reactivity may be a part of the dog’s genetic make-up, lack of early socialisation or a scary experience.

Come and learn how to effectively manage this behaviour and develop skills to help you and your dog cope

  • Trigger Stacking & Thresholds
  • Equipment and Hazard Awareness
  • Relaxation techniques for dog’s and owner’s
  • Practical session

This four-week course is ideal for owners who have been working with their dog, following a behaviour consultation with Carrie. Held on a Monday evening, places are per person.