Most people simply require their dog to be well behaved, living sociably and peacefully as part of a family. However, sometimes the communication between owner and dog can break down, leading to dogs who react to other dogs and people, suffer with separation related problems, become nervous, fearful or phobic, chase vehicles, joggers, cyclists etc.

I am a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council and have been a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors for over 20 years. I see owners who are experiencing severe and extreme difficulties with their dog, on referral from their veterinary surgeon. I use a psychological approach to determine the motivation of the individual difficulties, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

It is advisable that you contact your veterinary surgery prior to booking an appointment to ensure that a behaviour referral is considered appropriate. Prior to your appointment, we will contact your veterinary surgeon for a clinical history and endorse referral.

Understanding the consultation process is important. Initially you will want and need to relay information regarding to the specifics of the behaviour you consider to be problematic, however, ultimately, I will encourage you to discuss your dog’s full history and reactions in all aspects of life. This will enable me to understand your dog’s behaviour from both your dog’s perspective and your perceptive. Your dog’s behaviour from video evidence, during the consultation and the behaviour described by yourself will be explained and the likely underlying emotions producing those resultant behaviours. Whilst you may feel that you already have a good understanding of your dog’s behaviour, research suggests that in general owners are likely to only have a low level of understanding of the behavioural signals performed by their dog. I will therefore, try to describe and discuss your dog’s behaviour during the consultation, helping you to recognise the emotional motivations of your dog’s body language.

Via a Pre-Consultation Call (instigated by the client) I will gain a more in-depth history of your dog’s behaviour, daily lifestyle and routines and other information. I will then explain the emotions behind your dog's behaviour

Then at an Initial consultation here at the training and behaviour centre I will advise the first steps in addressing any unwanted behaviour.


Pre-Consultation Call - £42.00

A telephone call instigated by the client provides the opportunity for Carrie to record some initial details about your dog and the problems you are experiencing. Carrie will then explain the emotions behind your dog’s behaviour.

Prior to the Pre-consultation call, a video of your dog’s unwanted behaviour will have been analysed, along with a questionnaire which you will have completed and returned.

Initial Consultation at our purpose designed Training and Behaviour Centre - £62.00

The consultation lasts approximately 45-minutes, by understanding your dog’s emotional needs, you will be more equipped to respond and manage your dog’s behaviour effectively. Comprehensive literature supports a behaviour plan which will be advised and discussed.

Support and aftercare - Free

Carrie is committed to providing continued support to all clients. Owners are required to email or telephone Carrie on a weekly basis. This enables Carrie to ensure the advice is applied consistently and Carrie can highlight any potential setbacks and adapt advice accordingly.

Clients consistently report that my unique way of explaining their dog’s behaviour gives them greater understanding and helps them appreciate why they are advised to implement my recommendations.

As I am a member of the APBC, my fees may be covered by your pet insurance. Please check with your insurer.

For more information or to book a consultation please call us on 01642 670404